The Mystery at the Louvre

          Courtney Mitchell a girl that has a passion to study France discovers that in the Louvre paintings are being mysteriously left behind.The only thing is she has to get oast the security. Courtney Mitchell will need to connect the clues about the paintings but still keep away from security. My three levels are Things are Spiraling, Painting Experience, and Nusically Inclined.

         My first level is called Things are Spiraling.The reason its called that is becuae my player is going up a spiraling staircase trying not to  get caught by security. The security guards will be walking back and forth patrolling the museum making sure nobody takes anything. The spiraling staircase is actually at the entrance of the Louvre. The player is going to learn where the staircase is in the Louvre and the shape of it. There are many other entrances into the Louvre but I chose this one becuase I thought it would be the most fun and it’s actually the main staircase. That is why Im putting the staircase in my game. That is also the objective of the game.

          My second levle is called The Painting Expierence. The reason its called that is because this is going to represent the painting section of the Louvre. In the painting section Courtney Mitchell will dodge security but also try to find the paintings that someone is leaving behind. She will compare the paintings she finds with painting that were already there and try to find the artist. Not only is there paintings in the painting section but there is also sculptures. As she goes trying to find paintings she will be looking at sculptures too. Thats the painting part of my gmae. Thnats also what she is suppoed to do in this level and what players will learn.

          My last level is Musically inclined in this level you will learn about musicians. While you go through the level there will be security monitoring the room. The goal is to get past the security and get out with the painting. You will also learn the diffrent types of music. You will learn a lot about the music and the location it is in the Louvre. After this level she will be out of Louvre with knowledge of all the levels she went thorough. Thats what this level is about.

         Thats what Courtney Mitchell has to complete to get through the game. That is the diffrent section of the Louvre. Thats how to play and thats what you will learn while playing my game.

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Top 10 of 2012

1. Whitney Houston died.

2. Olympics took place. The olympics are important because they happen once every four years. They have a variety of sports that people compete in for medals. They happen in diffrent locations every four years. They have summer and winter olympics. They pick the best of the best athletes to compete in the olympics.

3. Kate middleton got married to prince William and Kate is pregnant.

4. There was a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementry School. Where 27 people lost their lives. Mostly kids but a lot of teachers too. The teachers and staff that died put the kids before them though. It was a horrible event that happened and I am sorry for everyone who lost someone in the shooting.

5. The presidental election also happend. It was a very close race. But obama came out on top. The election happens every four years.

6. There was the aurora Colorado shooting in the movie theater. He killed 12 people. It was at the batman permiere and he dressed up as joker and shot up the movie theater. The people thought it was special effects when he came out but it wasn’t. It was a very sad event and I’m sorry for anybody who lost someone in the shooting.59 were injured.

7.  There was a space jump where a guy jumped from outer space to earth. He landed safely after deploying his parachute. His name was Felix Baumgartner. He jumped 23 miles above earth. He was a talented athlete.

8. There was also the miami canibal attack. The guy was on bathsalts and chewed a homeless guys face off. The reason he did was because the drug in bath salts makes it seem like everything around you is bad. Since then they have taken bath salts out of stores. The guy ate the homeless guys eye and litearly his skin.

9. They found a purple squirell in a Pensylvania back yard.

10. There was hurricane Sandy.

The Adventures of Razor Sharp

Hi! My name is Razor sharp. I’m a hero and my powers came to me one day after I cut myself with a disposable razor. I didn’t notice until the next day. The next day out of the blue my ands started aching really bad I look down, and my hands were turning into these razor hands like wolverine. It hurt and the worst part was I was performing a surgery. So I told someone else to take over. When I was trying to hurry home I was in so much pain I didn’t realize I was flying until I was outside my window instead of my door. I was freaking out so much! Then I tried opening the window and I just tapped it and it shattered into a million different pieces. I got in the small apartment trying to control my pain but when I tried to control it I just made it worse. Before I knew it I was flying around the city saving as many lives as I could eventually people saw me and got their suspicions up. By the end of the day I saved 14 lives and felt fine. The only thing I didn’t know is I would have enemies just the next day. I woke up to a bang in my living room I walked in and there is a villain right there terrorizing people on the balcony and snooping around my house my powers kicked in and I cut the people free of the ropes with my razor sharp hands and with my flying abilities I saved people from falling and swept them off the balcony into their apartments safely. then the villain and I had it out because he didn’t like me taking his hostages very well so I figured out his weakness was metal to I just kept cutting him until he ran out of power and fell off the balcony. The next day I went to my job like normal hoping no one noticed me. That was stupid of me to think that all the talk was about me but nobody knew it was actually me thank god. But halfway through surgery’s I had a sense that someone was in trouble which wasn’t wrong but I had to hand the surgery to someone else. I was saving many lives and I realized I couldn’t do my job and my secret job at the same time so I quit my surgeon job. I think it was a good decision because from then on my life was devoted to fighting crime. I helped save people that were falling in front of a car or off a building with my flying power. I helped cut people free from ropes that were threatening their lives with my razor sharp hands. Also I can throw stuff at villains to crush them with my super strength. That is how my super powers work. I fight villains and save lives, because I cut myself with a disposable razor.

Worst 5 Songs

1. I find the song “Friday”, by Rebecca Black super annoying. It just repeats itself. Everybody sings it, and its like SHUT UP!!!

2. I find the song “Calling All The Mosters”,by China Ann MCclain annoying. The reason I find it annoying is because it repeats itself. Another thing is I heard so much last year I just got annoyed with it.

3. The song “Firework”,by Katy Perry is annoying. I find it annoying because her voice is so high the whole time. Also the music video is stupid.

4. The song abc’s is annoying. All the little kids sing it. It’s just letters.

5. The song “Gangnam Style”,by PSY is annoying. The reason it’s annoying is because you can’t understand what thay are saying. I mean it’s in another language.

My top 5 list

1. My family is number one because they are the people I love and care for the most.

2. Montana is my number two because all my family lives out there  and it is so amazing and wonderful.Definitely my favorite place and my number two.

3. My number three is my friends because they are people who if you need to talk about something and you don’t want to talk to your family, that’s who you go to, and that’s who you have fun with.

4. School is number four because I care about my education and want to get into a good college so I can be a doctor.

5. Sports is number five because I love sports but they definitely not as important as family is.

School Improvement Committee

The school could improve by making special classes longer. The reason I say that is because they are as important as any other subject. Also you learn a lot about specials like in art you learn about colors and how they look, and diffrent images of pictures. Also in music you learn aout diffrent notes and clefs. In gym we need more time because we have to split the time in the locker room and gym.

Another thing is I think everyone should have the big lockers and no cubbies. The reason I’m saying that is because you can’t fit your bookbag in the small locker sometimes same with luch boxes. Also with cubbies things can get stolen really easily. Another thing is with the small lockers even if just all the seventh and eighth graders had them that would be cool. But it’s not fair that the sevent graders have small lockers on the split team and everyone else has big lockers, except sixth grade.

The last thing the school could improve on is the lunch meals. I mean they taste good,but there is a lot of grease on them. They could also give us more of a variety.When they do that they could make the choices more healthy.I do like that they are making us take a vegatable or fruit but kids don’t eat them.

My Bucket List

1. Hike the Appalachian trail, because I have always been athletic and its something I have always wanted to do.

2. Sky diving,because its somethng fun.

3. Tent camping in Montana, there is stories if people dying from bear attacks and I want to be able to say I went camping in Montana and im not dead.

4. Go cliff diving, because its something out going and fun.

5. Go to Niagra Falls,because its a famous place and everybody talks about it.

6. Swimming with the sharks,because they are amazing creatures and I want to go down and see where they live and what they do.

7. I want to go to Canada,because I want to see what their culture is like.

8. I want to go to the Grand Canyon,because its one of those places that just looks fun and pretty.

9. I wamt to g0 to the Bahamas,because it seems like there is so many adventures you could have and it seems so pretty.

10. I want to go to Thialand,because it seems really cool and it’s a place not many people go.