Ace Journal Entries


Once Upon A Time…  10/22/12

  This picture contains a heavy metal object, a man sleeping, a limb of a fruit tree, some mountains, a sky, and what looks to be like  books that the man is resting his head on. A rope tied around the mans feet and the top of the heavy metal object. The man is wearing black shoes, white shirt, and gray trousers. The tree limb above him looks as it might be a orange tree. The picture reminds me of slavery. The way his feet are tied to a heavy metal object, and there is a fruit tree above him, and he is lying his head on books, that don’t look very comfortable. The reason I say the fruit tree thing is becuase usually slaves worked in orchards. Although the ground dosen’t look good for planting anything in. Also if  you look vary closely in the mountains there is a pond. A lot of kids probally looked at the assignment then at the picture and said really!  But  three hundred words is not bad to be able to discribe this picture in. For me I like this kind of stuff looking at a picture and writing about it that’s fun for me. The reason this also reminded me of slavery is because I know the kind of stuff slaves were put through. I mean not personally but I read about it and learned  about it. And I think it’s just wrong. Although slavery was one of my favorite things in history I loved learning how they escaped, and how they fought to become free ,and they used codes and the sky to travel to the north because the south is where all the slavery was happening. That is what I think about this picture and it’s meaning.


 Write a code of conduct for an obnoxious sorceress whose magical shield blocks every weapon… 10/25/12

First rule is you have to bring your shield with you at all times. Second rule is you can never remove it from your hand or you lose it forever and will die a painfull death. Third rule is you have to have someone with you at all times for the shield to work and they have to be breathing. Also you can’t be obnoxius as your using it. O and when you get married you don’t have the powers anymore. If you give it to someone after you get married you have to burie it in the sand at Rhode Island and give them a treasure hunt map with a whole bunch of confusing things on it and tell them to find it. after you burie it you have to wear a shield ring so the shield never leaves your hand,and if you take it off remember you will die a painfull death. But when you have the shield when ever you slay a dragon you have to stamp the shield on it to show you slayed it. when you stamp it it will leave an indent of the front of the shield on the dragon. When ever you go fight a undersea animal and slay it you have to stamp it tounge with the shield and it will do the same thing as a dragon judt in a diffrent place. Each time you stamp something it goes into a computer program to tell you later how many things you have slayed. Also your shield shoots fire wich shocks the animal and gives you enough time to slay it. That’s the magical powers of the magical shield the annoying sorcer had.

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