The Mystery at the Louvre

          Courtney Mitchell a girl that has a passion to study France discovers that in the Louvre paintings are being mysteriously left behind.The only thing is she has to get oast the security. Courtney Mitchell will need to connect the clues about the paintings but still keep away from security. My three levels are Things are Spiraling, Painting Experience, and Nusically Inclined.

         My first level is called Things are Spiraling.The reason its called that is becuae my player is going up a spiraling staircase trying not to  get caught by security. The security guards will be walking back and forth patrolling the museum making sure nobody takes anything. The spiraling staircase is actually at the entrance of the Louvre. The player is going to learn where the staircase is in the Louvre and the shape of it. There are many other entrances into the Louvre but I chose this one becuase I thought it would be the most fun and it’s actually the main staircase. That is why Im putting the staircase in my game. That is also the objective of the game.

          My second levle is called The Painting Expierence. The reason its called that is because this is going to represent the painting section of the Louvre. In the painting section Courtney Mitchell will dodge security but also try to find the paintings that someone is leaving behind. She will compare the paintings she finds with painting that were already there and try to find the artist. Not only is there paintings in the painting section but there is also sculptures. As she goes trying to find paintings she will be looking at sculptures too. Thats the painting part of my gmae. Thnats also what she is suppoed to do in this level and what players will learn.

          My last level is Musically inclined in this level you will learn about musicians. While you go through the level there will be security monitoring the room. The goal is to get past the security and get out with the painting. You will also learn the diffrent types of music. You will learn a lot about the music and the location it is in the Louvre. After this level she will be out of Louvre with knowledge of all the levels she went thorough. Thats what this level is about.

         Thats what Courtney Mitchell has to complete to get through the game. That is the diffrent section of the Louvre. Thats how to play and thats what you will learn while playing my game.

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