Top 10 of 2012

1. Whitney Houston died.

2. Olympics took place. The olympics are important because they happen once every four years. They have a variety of sports that people compete in for medals. They happen in diffrent locations every four years. They have summer and winter olympics. They pick the best of the best athletes to compete in the olympics.

3. Kate middleton got married to prince William and Kate is pregnant.

4. There was a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementry School. Where 27 people lost their lives. Mostly kids but a lot of teachers too. The teachers and staff that died put the kids before them though. It was a horrible event that happened and I am sorry for everyone who lost someone in the shooting.

5. The presidental election also happend. It was a very close race. But obama came out on top. The election happens every four years.

6. There was the aurora Colorado shooting in the movie theater. He killed 12 people. It was at the batman permiere and he dressed up as joker and shot up the movie theater. The people thought it was special effects when he came out but it wasn’t. It was a very sad event and I’m sorry for anybody who lost someone in the shooting.59 were injured.

7.  There was a space jump where a guy jumped from outer space to earth. He landed safely after deploying his parachute. His name was Felix Baumgartner. He jumped 23 miles above earth. He was a talented athlete.

8. There was also the miami canibal attack. The guy was on bathsalts and chewed a homeless guys face off. The reason he did was because the drug in bath salts makes it seem like everything around you is bad. Since then they have taken bath salts out of stores. The guy ate the homeless guys eye and litearly his skin.

9. They found a purple squirell in a Pensylvania back yard.

10. There was hurricane Sandy.

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