The Adventures of Razor Sharp

Hi! My name is Razor sharp. I’m a hero and my powers came to me one day after I cut myself with a disposable razor. I didn’t notice until the next day. The next day out of the blue my ands started aching really bad I look down, and my hands were turning into these razor hands like wolverine. It hurt and the worst part was I was performing a surgery. So I told someone else to take over. When I was trying to hurry home I was in so much pain I didn’t realize I was flying until I was outside my window instead of my door. I was freaking out so much! Then I tried opening the window and I just tapped it and it shattered into a million different pieces. I got in the small apartment trying to control my pain but when I tried to control it I just made it worse. Before I knew it I was flying around the city saving as many lives as I could eventually people saw me and got their suspicions up. By the end of the day I saved 14 lives and felt fine. The only thing I didn’t know is I would have enemies just the next day. I woke up to a bang in my living room I walked in and there is a villain right there terrorizing people on the balcony and snooping around my house my powers kicked in and I cut the people free of the ropes with my razor sharp hands and with my flying abilities I saved people from falling and swept them off the balcony into their apartments safely. then the villain and I had it out because he didn’t like me taking his hostages very well so I figured out his weakness was metal to I just kept cutting him until he ran out of power and fell off the balcony. The next day I went to my job like normal hoping no one noticed me. That was stupid of me to think that all the talk was about me but nobody knew it was actually me thank god. But halfway through surgery’s I had a sense that someone was in trouble which wasn’t wrong but I had to hand the surgery to someone else. I was saving many lives and I realized I couldn’t do my job and my secret job at the same time so I quit my surgeon job. I think it was a good decision because from then on my life was devoted to fighting crime. I helped save people that were falling in front of a car or off a building with my flying power. I helped cut people free from ropes that were threatening their lives with my razor sharp hands. Also I can throw stuff at villains to crush them with my super strength. That is how my super powers work. I fight villains and save lives, because I cut myself with a disposable razor.

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