Worst 5 Songs

1. I find the song “Friday”, by Rebecca Black super annoying. It just repeats itself. Everybody sings it, and its like SHUT UP!!!

2. I find the song “Calling All The Mosters”,by China Ann MCclain annoying. The reason I find it annoying is because it repeats itself. Another thing is I heard so much last year I just got annoyed with it.

3. The song “Firework”,by Katy Perry is annoying. I find it annoying because her voice is so high the whole time. Also the music video is stupid.

4. The song abc’s is annoying. All the little kids sing it. It’s just letters.

5. The song “Gangnam Style”,by PSY is annoying. The reason it’s annoying is because you can’t understand what thay are saying. I mean it’s in another language.

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