School Improvement Committee

The school could improve by making special classes longer. The reason I say that is because they are as important as any other subject. Also you learn a lot about specials like in art you learn about colors and how they look, and diffrent images of pictures. Also in music you learn aout diffrent notes and clefs. In gym we need more time because we have to split the time in the locker room and gym.

Another thing is I think everyone should have the big lockers and no cubbies. The reason I’m saying that is because you can’t fit your bookbag in the small locker sometimes same with luch boxes. Also with cubbies things can get stolen really easily. Another thing is with the small lockers even if just all the seventh and eighth graders had them that would be cool. But it’s not fair that the sevent graders have small lockers on the split team and everyone else has big lockers, except sixth grade.

The last thing the school could improve on is the lunch meals. I mean they taste good,but there is a lot of grease on them. They could also give us more of a variety.When they do that they could make the choices more healthy.I do like that they are making us take a vegatable or fruit but kids don’t eat them.

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