My Bucket List

1. Hike the Appalachian trail, because I have always been athletic and its something I have always wanted to do.

2. Sky diving,because its somethng fun.

3. Tent camping in Montana, there is stories if people dying from bear attacks and I want to be able to say I went camping in Montana and im not dead.

4. Go cliff diving, because its something out going and fun.

5. Go to Niagra Falls,because its a famous place and everybody talks about it.

6. Swimming with the sharks,because they are amazing creatures and I want to go down and see where they live and what they do.

7. I want to go to Canada,because I want to see what their culture is like.

8. I want to go to the Grand Canyon,because its one of those places that just looks fun and pretty.

9. I wamt to g0 to the Bahamas,because it seems like there is so many adventures you could have and it seems so pretty.

10. I want to go to Thialand,because it seems really cool and it’s a place not many people go.

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